AlexApp ‐ Interfacing Athletes to the iPhone

Ross Bool, University of Southern Queensland

Audience: Beginner/Intermediate


AlexApp is an iOS application for the iPhone that plays music to a runner while collecting location, direction, altitude, speed and distance from the GPS, movement data from the accelerometer and heart rate and cadence from the Wahoo Fisica dongle ANT+ receiver.  AlexApp incorporates a touch-to-answer survey module, data logging module, audio player and an audio recording survey module to play audio while logging data and responses.  This presentation will talk about the development journey of AlexApp and how the iPhone can be used to present stimulus and collect data at the same time in the field.

Speaker Bio:

Ross has worked at USQ for the past 10 years managing Psychology Technical Services.  Psychology Technical manages the resources of the Psychology Department within the Facility of Sciences.

Ross is a qualified communications technician and electronic and electrical engineer, and much of his work has involved designing and building data collection systems and interactive data reporting systems – this includes devices that interface with computers, optical mark recognition of paper surveys and computer and web surveys.  His job has evolved over the last 12 months and he now spends 50 percent of his time as Manager of Technology Development for the Facility of Sciences.  This involves designing and building systems using existing and new technologies that increase productivity.

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