Can you hear me? Physically Presenting your Digital Information

Adam Ware, Queensland University of TechnologyPart of XW13

Presenting student and staff information clearly is often a difficult and challenging part of day–to–day life working in a University.

No longer are IT staff only expected ‘fix’ computer problems, we often also have to be the key holders, media guards, content gurus, spelling geniuses, Photoshop masters and CMS kings. Some are taking a larger slice of so called “internal content authorship” work and pushing through strange technological processes which often leave us scratching our heads.

This talk will cover findings on presenting digital information at the Creative Industries faculty at Queensland University of Technology, learned while trying to implement a new digital signage system, and will follow logical steps from digital signage to iOS apps.

Topics covered include:

  • the role of IT in student and staff communication
  • why you should have a digital signage system (focusing on RiseVision open source digital signage)
  • implementing a signage system cheaply (because your job is expendable)
  • moving information to apps (including Phonegap, HTML5 for beginners, Xcode and publishing)

This talk is meant for anyone who has an interest in how we should use technology as a method for clearer communication within our workplaces and to our clients. A little knowledge of HTML/CSS and JavaScript will be helpful but not necessary.

Adam currently works in the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology within the newly named Digital Services team.

His team is moving away from everyday IT support to embracing, facilitating and supporting new types of digital communication techniques for the faculty. Adam’s role is in supervising the introduction of new technology, supporting legacy systems and  procurement, and finding ways to help academic staff improve engagement with students across our campus using innovative ideas.


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