Make an app, you can do that too

Jayant Varma, OZ AppsPart of XW13

Apps are everywhere, still there are ideas that are worthy of being made into an app. The biggest issue faced by anyone is getting the idea converted into an app for various reasons. These can hinge around various resource constraints like knowledge or finances. In this session you can learn how to overcome this and be on your way in converting your ideas into an app.

The takeaway from this workshop is Lua which can be run on Windows, Macintosh and Unix systems, and be very useful to write scripts that look like English, are powerful, and have a small footprint.

You will need to bring your own Macintosh laptop to participate in this lab, preferably running MacOS X 10.8.x.

Jayant is the author of the book “Learn Lua for iOS Game Development” from Apress.  He was formerly a lecturer at James Cook University, and presented at X World 2010 and X World 2011, and has run workshops for the AUC on Corona. He currently runs a consulting service known as OZ Apps, and develop apps for iOS and Android using a variety of frameworks and languages.


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