Mobile Strategy and Security in a Changing World

Rick Wylie, Key OptionsPart of XW13

The world is changing and Mobile Computing is coming like a bullet train. With this changing world there are numerous challenges for both corporate provided devices, and those that are BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, or if you are in corporate, Bring Your Own Disaster!

This session will look at successful strategies that that need to be considered to allow the successful deployment and security of mobile devices in the four key areas of:

  • device security,
  • data and content security,
  • voice security, and
  • location security

The session will be based on a number of successful deployments in Corporate and Government. A number of solutions will be discussed and demonstrated that will allow attendees to gain insight to new and emerging technologies that will solve the mobility security problems of tomorrow. The session will include live demonstration of contextual mobility location and management.

Rick is the Founder and CEO of Key Options is an innovative technology company with 25 years experience working with Apple and within the Apple environment. Rick is at the forefront of Apple Technology integration and understands the end-to-end pieces that make up a true iOS integrated environment. With his wealth of experience in systems integration, server technologies and information security, Ricks experience has made him a sort after consultant on mobility integration into existing environments in Corporate and Government environments.

Rick is a regular speaker at MacSysAdmin, MacWorld and other conferences.

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