Using Git with, and Automating Munki

Adam Reed, Australian National UniversityPart of XW13

This talk is on Using Git with, and automating Munki. The presentation focuses on two aspects of advancing your use of Munki. The first is demonstrating how you can use the git distributed version control system in conjunction with Munki (and to also assist general sys admin tasks), and the second will be a demonstration of Auto Munki Importer and how you can use it to automatically package applications for your users.

Adam is the team leader of the Managed Operating Environments team from Information Technology Services at ANU. His team builds MOEs for student and staff machines on both OS X and Windows.

Within the team, Adam is the senior Macintosh admin, and has extensive experience in the design, construction, and management of Macintosh MOE’s. Recently his team has implemented a new Munki managed environment that is used by different service provider groups from across the campus in a shared services style manner.

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