Web Portals – Creating a Better User Experience

Kyle Heading, Walford Anglican School for GirlsPart of XW13

I will present a session on how to get rid of the traditional proxy server within a large scale environment. Our solution to this was to use a captive portal setup which still offers the benefits of a traditional proxy sever, but also has the added benefits of zero client configuration and works seamlessly with iOS Apps that are not proxy aware.

This has given our users a seamless experience in which to work, no matter what devices they choose to use, it means students and teachers don’t need to worry about the technical problems of the device and can just get on with the teaching and learning.

We have also integrated charging and reporting modules, which can be used at anytime by the user to check remaining quota and previously usage. We present this information as well as much more within an easy to use webpage, that’s presented to the user each time a user connects a device.

Kyle has been working within the IT industry for 10 years, and has spent the entire time working within educational institutes. He first started with TafeSA and became the Apple guru for the nearly 1000 Apple Mac’s spread across 4 campus – the majority of the environment was Windows based with an additional 5000 PCs – with nearly 80,000 students. This gave him excellent insight into how to integrate Mac and PC in an enterprise environment.

He is currently employed as the IT Systems Administrator at Walford Anglican School for Girls, which has approximately 1200 users, approximately 500 OS X machines and nearly 500 iPads, with more being added all the time. The school has a reputation as having one of the best iPad programs in the country and leading the way in integrating technology into the classroom.


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