30,000 iPads: A Licence to Thrill

Dennis Macnamara and Lynnae Rankine, Part of XW14
University of Western Sydney

UWS embarked on a strategy to blend all its programs in 2012. Within that it decided to provide all students and all staff with iPads. The magnitude and the speed of the iPad deployment provided huge challenges to all sections of the university but especially IT and learning and teaching. It also challenged the prevailing orthodoxy of on campus lectures and classes and central controlled application usage. This bold initiative has stretched people to the limit, fermented a creative environment and on most measures has gone surprisingly well. This presentation will describe the how’s and the outcomes as well as some of the dramas along the way.

Dennis and Lynnae work in the Blended Learning Management team at UWS, an area responsible for the overall implementation of blended learning across nine schools or faculties and 1000 units of study. Within that they are responsible for the learning and teaching aspects of the iPad deployment including professional development, and work with a team of 45 learning design staff located at the centre and within schools.

Slides for this presentation are available on slideshare.

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