Casper – Your Self-Service Saviour

Dale Hills, University of WaikatoPart of XW14

Is your institution asking you to do more with less? Staff numbers increasing but support staff numbers dwindling? The Faculty of Education at the University of Waikato show you how you can fight back with the Casper Management Suite.

This session will look at the technical aspects of how we have leveraged the Casper to automate as many aspects of Mac administration as we can. I’ll share with you how we’re using Casper for Deployment, Software Distribution, Compliance, Inventory and Reporting, and staff Self Service and demonstrate a few of our own innovations.

Dale is the Systems Administrator and team leader of the technical support team for the Faculty of Education, Waikato University. Dale spends most of his time managing and tuning in-house computer software systems, applications, and network connections to ensure high levels of availability and security of the supported applications. Additionally, Dale oversees the work of the Technical Support Group staff and his team supports a mixed environment of OS X and Windows.

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