Don’t Use the M Word

Marcus Ransom and Tania Dastres, Part of XW14
RMIT University

Enterprise IT support has its foundation in providing a managed environment, which users can often perceive as controlling and counterproductive. As Apple devices gain more visibility and popularity in traditional enterprise environments, much more emphasis is placed on user experience than ever before, which can often be at odds with existing policies. How can you maintain the experience that Apple users know and expect while still complying with high level enterprise objectives?

By providing access to tools and services that enable our users to get the most out of their Macs, via Casper Self Service, we have repositioned a managed operating environment to be one that empowers rather than restricts.

Marcus Ransom has been integrating Apple devices into various enterprise environments for over a decade, from small design studios through to one to one iPad programs. In his current role as the Lead Apple Technician at RMIT University, he is responsible for the integration and support of the Apple fleet into the wider University. Understanding the changing Apple ecosystem and developing a community amongst Apple system administrators are two objectives that motivate him to improve the way Apple devices are supported and perceived in the wider IT environment.

Tania Dastres has worked in IT for more than 8 years, all of which have been in Apple support. She started in Applecare Tier 1 Support in Brisbane and has spent the last 6 years supporting Mac OS X and iOS users at RMIT University. She is the technical lead for the RMIT MacWorks Project, endeavouring to design and implement a MOE with Casper on 1,200 staff Macs, in what has been a predominantly unmanaged environment. She enjoys using tools like Pashua and cocoaDialog to provide a GUI for scripts that empower and support users via Casper Self Service.

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