Munki Taming, Munki Whispering (Workshops)

Jon Rhoades, University of MelbournePart of XW14

Munki has become over the last few year the leading open source Mac deployment and update platform. However it is largely command line/text file based, it has a steep learning curve and is hard for teams to manage.

Munki Taming

This workshop provides an introduction to Munki and aims to take away the pain of the command line and xml files using higher level tools for running a manageable/secure/scalable Munki instance. The workshop requires no previous Munki experience.

Munki Whispering

This workshop focuses on more advanced tools and techniques to improve your Munki workflow and better manage your Munki instance.

Jon is an IT Officer at St Vincent’s Institute, which is part of the Department of Medicine at the University of Melbourne. He currently manages the service lifecycle of a fleet of Macs – both deployment and ongoing support.

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