Retaining User Choice in an Administered World

Richard Smith, University of WaikatoPart of XW14

This talk covers what we use and support in the Faculty of Education that allows us to continue to provide secure administered Apple gear, while also allowing end users the flexibility to choose for themselves what they want to use, and how they want to use it.

The presentation provides a quick run through of how we deploy an iPad from receipt, through to end user training/setup, including:

  • Apple Configurator
  • Casper management suite
  • iCloud
  • Google Apps & 2-step authentication

Richard is an Apple Technician and Computer Consultant on the University of Waikato’s Innovation & Technology Team.

His job primarily involves dealing with hardware problems and liaising with Apple Service Providers for repairs. He is also responsible for the set up, distribution and support of Apple gear within the Faculty of Education.

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