Build your own cloud: How to host the JSS in AWS

John KitzmillerPart of XW16

What do you do when you need the reliability and availability of JAMF Cloud, but your Infosec policies require keeping sensitive data on servers that you control? Build your own cloud! Find out how Fastly built a secure, highly available JAMF Software Server in Amazon Web Services.

John Kitzmiller has helped organizations big and small deploy Apple devices all over the globe. As a Professional Services Engineer for JAMF Software, he deployed Apple devices on 5 continents in some of the largest and most complex environments. As a Senior IT Consultant for The Linde Group, John helped some of the San Francisco Bay Area’s largest and fastest growing companies design their Apple deployments.

John has now taken his skills in house at Fastly, a content delivery network in San Francisco. With some of the tightest security restrictions and privacy concerns he’s ever encountered, John has designed a deployment strategy to support a global user base based on his agile deployment manifesto.