Cloud-based Data Collection in Academic Research

Stoo Sepp, University of Wollongong Part of CW16

This presentation will cover a novel experimental design that uses cloud computing that I’m using for my PhD, specifically BaaS (Back end As A Service) to remotely collect and analyze data.

Using Google’s Firebase Real-time database, an app designed for learning geometry will track user interactions, record scores and automatically upload the data, immediately ready for collection and analyzation.

By taking this approach, data collection and data analysis is drastically reduced, giving the researcher realtime results, instead of having to wait for it.

Stoo Sepp is a PhD student at the University of Wollongong, exploring the cognitive function of gestures while learning geometry on iPads. Stoo is not lazy, but he’s always looking for ways to cut down on busy work, and this has led to his ‘coding problem’, constantly trying to find solutions to save him energy in the long run.