HyperPad – Coding & Game Design

Steve Iuliano, MAC1 Part of CW16

Use simple block and visual based coding techniques to do amazing game design including creation and inclusion of original art work, music, sound effects, animation, and more.

Line coding can be incredibly complex if you are new to coding, but imagine creating a professional looking game that you can sell on the App store in an incredibly short period time using your own creations, media and materials instead of relying on inbuilt images and sounds.

Coding seems to be in fashion, but many find it hard to use coding across multiple KLAs (outside of Maths and Science) in educational institutions – and this can all be done from an iPad… and for FREE!

Steve is the Head of Professional Development for MAC1 & Harvey Norman Business and Education, and runs the training programs for a large team across 7 states and territories.

He has spoken at Edu Tech about innovative coding concepts and design across multiple KLA’s like Art and Music as well as STEM subjects, is a qualified High School teacher, and has owned and run a production media studio producing sound tracks and music for TV shows, artists and other clients.