3D Scanning of Heritage Artifacts as an Interactive Experience – Creating a Window into the Past

Chris Little and Dale Patterson Part of CW16

This paper uses Mephisto, the only remaining German tank from the First World War, as a case study to examine the methods available to accurately record this iconic piece of war history. It introduces 3D scanning workflows as a method to create an accurate three dimensional model of Mephisto and how to use this complete, to scale, colour model of the tank to preserve, analyse and present Mephisto in ways never been seen before. Combining 3D scanning workflows with forensic analysis and historical war records, this paper explores the possibilities of how to best communicate and present this 3D information through Interactive Realities. It describes how augmented and virtual realities can create the window into the past, possibly answering some of the questions surrounding the tank and allowing visitors an interactive user experience to give people’s memories of Mephisto even more meaning.