The Power of Play Based Apps in Patient Self Management of Diabetes

Dale Patterson Part of CW16

Interactive animated 3D computer graphics provide a rich and engaging mechanism with which it is possible to enhance interactions with complex information. This research focused on the use of “flow”, in the form of 3D animated movement of items through depth over time, to display changes in diabetes management and blood sugar levels. It also utilizes “play”, in the form of interactive 3D game play, to demonstrate 3D systems to present complex health information for Type 1 diabetes in a more engaging form. The flow based “Diabetes Visualizer” interface described here uses circulating 3D graphical structures that flow around the users point of view to present information relating to diabetes management tasks. The Diabetes Visualizer utilizes complex diabetic blood sugar, activity level and insulin delivery information, and presents it in an interactive 3D time based animated game form. Utilizing the mechanism of the 3D flow interfaces, this 3D interactive form is quite different to other diabetes management tools (primarily 2D chart based and static) and shows potential in providing an improved interface to this complex condition and its management.