Accelerating Your Development Workflow with React Native

Tyrone Trevorrow and Tim Sawtell, SportsbetPart of DW17

Think React Native is just a cost cutting tool to deliver mediocre cross platform apps? Think the performance of your app would suffer? Think again! This talk makes a case for using React Native in your existing and future apps, even IF all you do is native iOS development, exclusively. Prior experience with React, JavaScript, or web stuff in general is not necessary, just an open mind, and a willingness to have your fundamental assumptions, and prejudices, challenged!

Tyrone has worked at Sportsbet for five years, working on its native iOS product all the way from git init, all the way to its latest update. He has almost ten years experience working with Apple platforms, getting a start by tutoring Objective-C at university, and eventually graduating into iOS development in industry just as the iPhone SDK came out.

Tim is a mobile application developer with a background in iOS. For his day job he’s an Engineering Lead at Sportsbet where he supports and guides iOS developers to build exciting solutions to add to Sportsbet’s growing set of products and features in their native iOS app. Exploring the future state for Sportsbet’s front-ends, Tim is part of a team busily working on React and React-Native.

When he’s not busy at work he’s a doting father to two young boys and can also be found on any reputable PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS server, looting drop crates and planning the squad’s next manoeuvre with his mates on Discord.