Building Better Views

Nic Wittison, Canva Part of DW17

Ever tried to set a constraint in a storyboard only to have a sea of red errors appear? You are not alone. Setting up constraints and making them flexible to change is quite a challenge and often very hard to conceptualise. At Canva we are constantly revising and changing our view hierarchy and over the years we have learned a lot on how to better structure things to accomodate changing requirements. Come and learn how to identify the common traps and how to better structure things from the start to avoid future you inventing a time machine just to come back and punch you in the face.

This talk will cover several different styles of creating and laying out views and view controllers in Swift. It will also go though when its appropriate to use each style and when you should cut your losses and learn a better way.

Nic has been working with Apple technologies for the better part of a decade and is currently an iOS engineer at Canva.