Designers are from Mars, Developers are from Venus

James White, Colourfool CreativePart of DW17

Some people see beauty in pixel perfect proportions, while others are excited by elegantly executed enums. Sometimes it seems like designers and developers are from different planets. Or, at the very least, like they don’t quite speak the same language. Like any marriage, the key to happiness in designer/developer relationships is effective communication, compromise, and the ability to occasionally step back and recognise how ridiculous we all sound.

In this session James explores the designer/developer dynamic and suggests some keys to happy collaborations. As someone with a foot in each camp, he shares some of the insights he’s gained from partnerships that worked well, and a few that didn’t. Names will be changed to protect the innocent.

James White has been designing things for twenty years, and writing Objective-C (and more recently, the other one without the square brackets) for seven. So that makes him a Designeloper, rather than a Devsigner. He’s from New Zealand, but lives in Perth.