iOS App Checkup With the Doctors from Eat More Pixels

Zac Fitz-Walter & Jimmy Ti, Eat More PixelsPart of DW17

Working on an app and need help with UX or code? Bring your app to the doctors from Eat More Pixels for one-on-one feedback. This hands-on lab provides delegates with the opportunity to make a 20-minute appointment with Eat More Pixels to get feedback on their app design and code.

Eat More Pixels is not your everyday app development company. We’re a unique and playful team with a background in research, teaching and game design. We’re based in sunny Brisbane, Australia. Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Dr Jimmy Ti is a technical wizard and experienced developer. He has completed a phd that focused on designing mobile social services for public transport and he has a love for games and good user experience.

With a phd in gamification and user experience design, Dr Zac Fitz-Walter focuses primarily on reducing friction through good usability and motivating users with playful and engaging experiences.