Massive View Controller, Who Are You and What Have You Done to my Architecture?

Malin Sundberg, Australian Broadcasting CorporationPart of DW17

When using the MVC design pattern it is easy for us to, unintentionally, adopt the Massive View Controller pattern. The responsibility of a ViewController is often vaguely defined and ends up being the class where we place anything from a view’s layout logic, to view navigation, business logic, and network requests. Code that is neither belonging to the View nor to the Model ends up being placed in this one class.

This talk will go through alternative approaches of how to structure your project in a way that helps you avoid a large, messy, ViewController, and write code that is more readable, expandable and reusable.

Malin is working as an iOS developer at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney. She moved from Sweden to Perth, Australia in 2013 to complete a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree. In her final year, she started to work as an iOS Developer at a start-up company in Perth.

In her free time, in conjunction with learning new design patterns, Malin is designing and building apps on her own and is always focused on learning new things.