Oops, I Cracked it again!

Esther, Deloitte AustraliaPart of DW17

Looking to geo-spoof your location for that rare Pokemon? In my talk, I want to show you how you can upload a cracked iOS application on a non-jailbroken phone but also demonstrate the security vulnerabilities of uploading a cracked iOS application on a non-jailbroken phone. While this technique will not work on iOS applications downloaded from the app store and is FairPlay encrypted, there are multiple ways to bypass this security control that has been put in place and to upload a cracked iOS application.

Esther is a Melbourne-based security analyst with Deloitte Australia. Her key skills are security application development and infrastructure/application penetration testing. Her primary focus is in technical security particularly in security surrounding mobile technologies and the associated applications deployed on devices such as smart phones and tablets. Esther has given talks at conferences and is regularly invited to speak on panels, security workshops or guest lectures at universities.