Rapid Mobile App Development Using Web Technology

Adam Rice, Education AdvantagePart of DW17

In this talk Adam will discuss knowing when to choose web technologies for fast prototyping or to receive huge savings where cross-platform apps are required. This session won’t “sell” any particular framework but, instead, discuss the differences between the big options like Ionic, PhoneGap, and ReactNative and how each can allow you to share logic with a web application.

If there is one thing Adam has learned over the years it is that, even when you do extensive research before you build, the first version of your application won’t be perfect. Being lean and ready to pivot is the key to success and building with web technologies—when it’s appropriate to do so—will get you to market quicker and save budget.

Adam describes himself as a meta(programming)human and man of stern opinions on the perfect negroni.

His appetite for development progressed from dabbling with Filemaker and CDML to something more serious back in 2001 while building an eCommerce site with WebObjects. So began a journey of many platforms that has included projects of varying scales across diverse industries.

After a long career of learning from mistakes, Adam hopes to save others from a few of those pitfalls and take the time to debate the problems of the (first) world over coffee.