Scaling Mobile Teams – Growing Apps & Growing People

Victor Kovalev, RedbubblePart of DW17

This talk focuses on the people side of technology. The goal is to share practical advice on setting up and scaling mobile app teams for success through periods of intense growth. How to approach mobile development as part of a larger engineering team, culture creation & guardianship, litmus tests of effective team dynamics, “Dos & Don’ts”, etc. Rooted in real-life stories and lessons learned based on experience of leading and growing mobile teams – and apps! – at Redbubble, Indiegogo, and Yelp.

This talk is pertinent to anyone who wants to scale a successful mobile app beyond the “garage” phase – because (A) all technology is built by people, who are the true source of success of any venture and (B) everything breaks at every order of magnitude of scaling your app and your team.