Stability Through Rapid Growth

Sam Jarman, SailthruPart of DW17

A bug in an app can probably be fixed in a few days with the App Store’s new speedy turn around, but if you’re shipping an SDK to slow moving enterprises, you’ll want to be a bit more careful as it could be months before the fix goes out. This talk tells the story of rapid growth, and what that means for testing, process improvements and scalability of code. We’ll talk about techniques for doing releases with confidence to millions of users. These techniques include unit, UI and network testing. We’ll look at AWS Device Farm and how it can be incorporated into your development workflow and release processes.

Sam Jarman is a full stack developer at Sailthru in Wellington, New Zealand. However, iOS is is passion and he has been working with the frameworks since 2009. Sam is passionate about creating products with engaging and delightful user experiences. Lately his attention has turned to testability and scalability, which has proved quite interesting, and full of new things to learn. Outside of code, Sam enjoys improvised acting, running and geeking out.