Stack All The Things! A Deep Dive into UIStackView

Adam Shaw, Kabuki VisionPart of DW17

UIStackView is the best new thing to come out of UIKit in a quite a while. It’s an extremely useful and versatile container for view layout, leveraging the power of Auto Layout but with much less complexity. In this talk we make the case for using UIStackView as the basic building block for all your view layouts.

This talk covers how to use UIStackView in both Interface Builder and code, with lots of examples provided. We discuss the advantages of using UIStackView, and show how to use it to make your UI layouts simpler to design and maintain.

Forget about constraints… use UIStackView to stack all the things!

Adam Shaw has been developing iOS apps since the dawn of time (aka 2008). An Apple nerd through and through, he loves sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for iOS app development with others.