Add Intelligence to Your Next App with Cloud Services

Mira Kim, ASBPart of DW17

Do you want to be able to talk to your app to book your next flight? Verify the user by face recognition? Now you can add artificial intelligence right in your app using Amazon AI services!

This session will introduce the three AI services from Amazon – natural language processing, text-to-speech and image recognition – and show how easy it is to integrate it in your own app. The cloud services model of on-demand resources and per-usage cost makes it accessible for developers to get started right away. Make your next app more intelligent with cloud services.

Mira is an experienced app developer on both iOS and Android platforms. She has a diverse set of skills from embedded systems to web development.

Mira is an active member of a local makerspace and maintains a keen interest in electronics and robotics. Mira is passionate about making technology more accessible and promoting diversity in the tech industry. She regularly attends tech meet ups, as well as speaking at conferences.