Automation Sampler

Sal Soghoian Part of DW17

Join Sal Soghoian for a hands-on review of some interesting uses of macOS automation technologies, including a look at AppleScript and iWork, and an examination of workflow variables in Automator. The second half of the session will consist of a guided tutorial introduction to Omni Automation on both macOS and iOS. You’ll want to have your iPads handy, with the free trail version of OmniGraffle 3 for iOS installed. What can be better than spending a couple hours sharpening your automation skills? And, it’s fun!

Sal Soghoian is a user-automation expert, software developer, author and musician. Throughout his professional career, his belief that “The power of the computer should reside in the hands of the one using it.” has guided the focus and direction of Sal’s efforts to create and advance automation technologies that empower the user.

He served as the Product Manager of Automation Technologies for Apple Inc. from 1997 through 2016, advancing AppleScript, Automator, JavaScript for Automation (JXA), System Services, the Terminal, Apple Configurator, and the other macOS automation tools. During his tenure, Sal was integral in the creation of Automator, and he furthered the incorporation of user automation into Apple’s products by writing the scripting dictionaries for iWork, iPhoto, Aperture, and Photos, as well as writing the “Mastered for iTunes” automation tools.

Sal also designed and wrote the user-automation support in the Apple Configurator application, which uses macOS automation to manage iOS device deployment. The Apple Configurator automation implementation consists of a central AppleScriptObj-C library and a corresponding set of Automator actions, enabling iOS devices to be prepared, managed and refreshed automatically upon their attachment to a hosting macOS computer.

Prior to joining Apple, Sal worked as a scripting consultant, creating automation solutions for the publishing industry during the 1990s. He authored a popular script collection called Sal’s AppleScript Snippets, the ShadowCaster Quark XTension, two books, including AppleScript 1-2-3, and numerous magazine articles about automation. Sal is also recognized for his work as as a featured presenter/instructor for Quark, Thunder Lizard Productions, Apple, and the Seybold, MacTech, MacSysAdmin, and Macworld conferences.