Teaching Coding on the iPad

Jonathan Sagorin Part of CW17

Are you facing the choice of how to teach or support coding on the iPad, and don’t know where to get started? Or are you just interested yourself, and want to learn more?

This workshop is for you! We’ll cover three popular offerings: Swift Playgrounds (from Apple), Codea (from Adelaide-based Two Lives Left), and Pythonista (from OMZ Software).

We’ll evaluate each app using the same selection framework, which you can use to choose any eduction app appropriate to your needs.

We’ll look into main features of each, getting started with simple coding, how to get additional content and share code with others, and where to find the best support resources.

Note: this is a hands-on workshop which requires that you bring an iPad along with you, running iOS 10.3 or iOS 11. All apps are available from the iOS App Store, and we encourage you to install them ahead of the conference to save time. Note that the combined size of all three downloads is around 900 megabytes.

Tap these links on your iPad to find the apps on the App Store:

Jonathan has a keen interest in online learning and mentoring. When not working, Jonathan volunteers teaching primary school kids to code. As an iOS software engineer, he has worked on app projects since 2010. Jonathan is meandering toward EdTech. He has worked across a diverse range of industries, both in Melbourne and San Francisco; from user-generated content and TV, to enterprise insurance software and imaging work flow applications.