Unity and ARKit

Scott Roberts Part of CW17

ARKit is set to be available for 400 million iOS devices this year, making it the largest immersive technology platform in the world. We’ve seen a multitude of examples demonstrating how ARKit is helping developers create some impressive augmented reality apps, from virtual tape measures and navigation to fun things like games. It’s now time we see creatives from all disciplines employing the technology to blend virtual environments with real ones. This workshop will explore the pathway to get you set up with ARKit in Unity, including plane detection, raycasting, and hit testing. Begin your immersive explorations with a taste of AR in Unity.

Scott Roberts is a 3D Visualisation Artist and Digital Designer based on the Gold Coast. As a PhD candidate pursuing a career in Academia, Scott has had the opportunity to explore new techniques for delivering immersive experiences within VR and AR mediums. His passion is conceptualizing and generating virtual environments with a focus on user experience and the perception of realism.